how to buy rental property

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As the housing bubble has shown, investors can lose quite a bit of equity if they buy at the wrong time. First-time rental property investors should keep their day.

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As with any real estate investment – buying rental properties takes a lot of homework. Rental properties don’t necessarily come with the glamour and huge paychecks that "flipping houses" is known for – but it is a proven method of building multiple streams of permanent income.

Owning real estate to build wealth is a tangible dream for many investors: They figure they can find a broker, buy a few properties, sit back and collect rents. Or perhaps they could flip properties.

House hacking is the easiest way to buy your first rental property. And in the bargain, you get to live for free! The concept is simple: you buy a small multifamily (2-4 units), move into one of the units, and rent out the other(s). Your neighboring tenants’ rent covers your mortgage and other housing costs, for effectively free housing.

10 Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property Make Sure It’s for You. Pay Down Debt First. Get the Down Payment. Beware of High-Interest Rates. Calculate Your Margins. Avoid a fixer-upper. calculate operating expenses. Determine Your Return. Get a Low-Cost Home. Find the Right Location..

Today, more and more lenders require rental property investors to have a signed lease or other proof of rental income prior to inking a deal. [More: First-time homebuyers: Tips for buying your first.

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Mark Whitten Explains How Easy It Is To Build Wealth With Real Estate Find out all you need to know about this other solution to the buy or rent dilemma when assessing your property options in Spain, and even see a selection of rent to own homes available now. What is.

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Of course, a key step in ensuring a profitable endeavor is to buy a reasonably priced property. The recommendation for rental property is to pay no more than 12 times the annual rent you expect to.

Let's look at what you need to know when investing in a rental home, the different factors you'll need to consider and what to look for when buying the property.